Monday, March 03, 2008

Nun's Cap Orchid 'Joan Hart'

Nun's Cap Orchid
Phaius tankervilliaeJoan Hart
(FAY-ee-us) (tan-kar-VIL-ee-ay)
Synonyms: Chinese Ground Orchid, Swamp lily, Veiled Nun Orchid

Another one from the Orchid Show in the Bronx and I really liked the color combination. Phaius Orchids are easy to grow and I generally have two rules about their cultivation, give them some shade and don’t over water!

Short post today and probably the next couple of days as full operations resume at work. There are bound to be a few weather setbacks in the upcoming weeks but boy I am ready to get out and garden. Winter gets so boring with part-time work. Today will mostly be inspections and that type of thing. I don’t usually say much about exactly what I do and that is mainly out of fear of boring people rather than paranoia. If you are interested I work at one big Estate that has about 4 to 5 acres of gardens and several smaller houses also.

My wife and I work together and we usually have 2 or 3 other people (sometimes more) helping us. We do landscape design and installation, planting, stone work, maintenance (pruning, mulching) and just about everything else related to the field. The only thing we don't do is mow lawns, that is work I leave to people more suited to do it. Our territory includes Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut and Westchester County in New York, although I have done jobs as far away as Northern New Jersey and Long Island. On a couple of our jobs I just supervise the people's 'in-house' gardening staff. We keep our company small as to put it on a personable basis and enjoy working with the people as much as the plants. Working in a lot of different gardens provides a lot of opportunities for pictures.

Not sure what that black is on the buds but it added to the flower!

If your looking for Landscaping services in those areas let me know as we have decided to try and add a few clients this year. Since I have been in business for over twenty years now we have a lot of references. I am also thinking about getting into garden coaching, which seems to be a growing area here. One of our gardening clients is on Oprah’s 'The Big Give' TV show and I think later in the season their garden will be on the show since they were filming one day when we were working there last year. I hope they win I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.


Vanillalotus said...

I don't think your job is boring at all. That sounds great to be able to work with your wife. I hope your client wins Operas Big Give!

Tracy said...

Beautiful pics as always, and I think I would like doing what you do.....working around something you are passionate about. Keep us posted as to when that episode of Oprah will be will be very cool to see.