Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plumeria 'Maui Beauty'

Plumeria rubra 'Maui Beauty'

The aptly named ‘Maui Beauty’ from the Plumeria Grove at the Koko Crater Botanical Gardens on Oahu. Many of the Plumeria trees were dormant but there were a few that had some blooms.

We are off to the airport to catch a flight to The Valley Isle (Maui) so I thought this flower’s name was appropriate.

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Unknown said...

That's gorgeous! Have you taken the color out of the background via digital editing, or was it a happy accident (and a good eye) in terms of siting of this particular bloom?

(Sorry if I sound like a photography novice above... it's only because I am! :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Kim,

Kind of a lucky shot to get the background like that. It was late afternoon so the light was right. I didn't do much editing except boost the contrast a little.


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Kala said...

Gorgeous shot - the scent of this flower is heavenly.