Saturday, October 23, 2010


Eupatorium atrorubens
(yoo-puh-TOR-ee-um) (at-roh-ROO-benz)

This plant was growing in an overgrown perennial area of a new customers garden. They didn’t seem to know anything about it. So I couldn’t tell if it is a perennial or just some seedlings. I will have to be on the lookout for it next year. It has a nice flower that was still blooming up to about two weeks ago and had managed to make a nice show despite all the other growth in the area. Just about any blue flower is okay with me.


Linda said...

Very beautiful flower.... colors are so vibrant, soft! Amazing flora photos! Greetings, Linda

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Beutiful flowers, yes i also like so much blue flowers. interesting..

Indrani said...

Beautiful, I have not seen anything similar in my part of the world.