Sunday, October 10, 2010

‘Rembrandt’ Hybrid Perpetual Rose - Today's Flowers

Hybrid Perpetual Rose ‘Rembrandt’

This is certainly an old rose having been developed in 1883. The Hybrid Perpetual class of roses was an attempt by Victorian rose breeders to combine Gallica Roses with the perpetual flowering of the China roses and are considered the last stop before the modern Hybrid Tea Rose. So ‘Rembrandt’ is indeed a relic and has managed to hang on in commerce. This rose is hardy, has a strong fragrance but also has a short bloom period and can be prone to disease.

Bred by: Robert & Moreau in France, 1883
Height: 3-4 feet
Petal Count: 17-25 with large double flowers

Hybrid Musk Rose ‘Eva’

‘Eva’ is another old rose having been introduced in 1933. Hybrid Musk roses bloom in giant clusters and repeat during the season. As the bush ages it can often be trained as climbing rose. This is also a rose that can grow in dappled shade but this specimen was growing out in full sun. ‘Eva’ is a vigorous rose that is very disease resistant. The flowers start out Carmine-red and fade to a warm pink as they age. It has the traditional ‘musky’ fragrance of the type.

Here is a bonus flower since it is Sunday. See more flowers from all over the world at Today’s Flowers .

Shrub Rose 'Palmengarten Frankfurt'
Synnyms : KORsilan, Beauce, Our Rosy Carpet

Like ‘Eva’ this rose was bred by the Kordes family. It is the most modern rose of this group of three (in this post) having been developed in 1988. It doesn’t have much of a smell but does bloom profusely and throughout the season. Another good point about this rose is it is very blackspot resistant.


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