Friday, October 29, 2010

Mandevilla Vine

Mandevilla Vine
Mandevilla splendens
(man-de-VILL-uh) (SPLEN-denz)
Synonyms: Dipladenia, Mandevilla boliviensis

Growing Mandevillas always seems easy to me although I just found this year that they should be grown in part shade. We have always had them in full sun and have been rewarded with a lot of flowers and good growth. My experience has been growing them in containers and I have learned to provide ample stake height. In the spring it looks a little strange with a tiny plant and an eight-foot stake but soon the Mandevilla is covering it all and it then some. This pink flowering one has been good this year. The flowers come out this lighter pink and then age to a darker rose color. My preference is for the dark red colored one and that is the one we will try and get in the future.


lotusleaf said...

It is a beautiful flowering creeper. The flowes resemble allamanda flowers - I haven't seen the actual mandevilla flowers.

Denise said...

Beautiful! I love their color and I always appreciate the information on them, thank you.