Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Plumeria obtusa 'Singapore'
(ploo-MEER-ee-a) (ob-TOO-suh)
Synonyms: Frangipani


Indrani said...

Can almost feel the fragrance, great shot.

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

My mom used to grow frangipani down in south Florida, and she told me where the name ("french bread") comes from. If you look at the plant in winter (it is deciduous, even in Florida) the bare branches do sort of look like baguettes, or french bread. Et voila!

I sure miss the smell. And my mom, you can bet.

Kala said...

Has one of the most lovely scents my sniffer has known.

scrapchick said...

So pretty! Missing summer already. Happy WW!

catsynth said...

The flowers have such simplicity and softness to them.

Beth F said...

Oh I wish that photo came with the fragrance! Lovely, especially against the blue sky.