Saturday, October 30, 2010

Neon Trees

Neon Trees
At the P.C. Richards & Son Theatre
Tribeca, New York

Yesterday was historic for me. I clicked on one of those “Congratulations You’ve Won” emails and I had truly won something. Two tickets to see the band Neon Trees at the private theater in Manhattan. I had forgot about entering the contest and it was a pleasant surprise to win. Karen shocked me when she agreed to accompany me (just not her kind of music) and we left soon after getting the email. The theater is cool and is located at 32 Avenue of Americas in a huge 27-story Art Deco office building. The architecture is amazing as was the lobby. The theatre has hosted some big acts for private shows including Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Tim Mc Graw and John Legend. It is about 60 feet long by maybe 40 feet wide and has standing room only (no seats). The ticketing process and entrance was calm and collected. We had a good spot on the side by the guitar player.

The band Neon Trees was interesting to say the least. If it had been the 1980’s I would have called them punkers or new wave but these days they are called alternative rockers (I think). They sounded really good and the set was pleasant. The band was happy to be there and so was the crowd. The front man, Tyler Glenn, really put on a show. The guitar players and bass player were also very good. How ever the real star for me was drummer Elaine Bradley. She was amazing.

They said no photography at first but everyone was snapping pictures any way. I had the Nikon P6000 but was a little too far away to get a lot of good shots. It was way too dark to try and fiddle with the settings so I used my pre programmed User settings. I had forgot how to raise the ISO on this camera so that was on automatic.

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