Thursday, October 07, 2010

Reed Orchid

Reed Orchid
Synonyms: Star Orchid

This was a pleasant surprise at work this week when we were putting the Orchid collection inside and found this little Epidendrum was blooming. It is kind of a testament to how easy these orchids are to grow. Nothing has been done to it all summer. The sprinklers have been watering the plants and I hadn’t even looked at them since late May. This picture was taken downstairs inside the conservatory, which is always a challenge even though the lighting isn’t that bad.

We put a lot of the foliage indoors just in case. I am not anticipating a frost but if it comes there will be a lot less scrambling. Some of the tropical plants do not need a frost to sustain damage. Extended temperatures in the 30’s (F) can cause enough damage that they don’t look good. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Lui said...

Extremely gorgeous!
I love your roses too. They don't look like the regular ones but just as beautiful!