Monday, January 15, 2007

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Secret’

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Secret’
1994 All-American Rose Selection

Parentage: Pristine ® (Hybrid Tea, Warriner 1978) × Friendship (Hybrid Tea, Lindquist, 1978)
Petal Count: 30-35

Strong, Spicy Fragrance

This rose is a beauty. Its delicate shading and good fragrance make it a rose for any garden. I sure have been showcasing a lot of Hybrid Tea Roses here, lately. This wasn’t by design but they are my favorite type. Floribundas and Grandifloras have come a long way and I find myself much less snooty as far as they go. For the last week I have been featuring AARS award winners and this one is from the class of 1993. Just how are the winners picked? From the AARS website:
AARS evaluates roses on:
1. Vigor
2. Fragrance
3. Disease resistance
4. Foliage
5. Flower production
6. Growth habit
7. Bud and flower form
8. Opening and finishing color
9. Stem
10. Overall value

The roses receive the care that they would normally get in a home garden; which is important. Plenty of roses are nice but when you start growing them the problems they have can become quickly apparent. ‘Secret’ has done well in my garden and has become a favorite.

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