Sunday, April 29, 2007

Corn Leaf Iris (Iris bucharica)

Corn Leaf Iris
Iris bucharica
(EYE-ris) (buk-AR-ee-kuh)
Iridaceae (eye-rid-AY-see-ay)

This is a small species Iris. They differ from the larger Iris by being generally bulbous and not rhizomatous. However, I. bucharica is an exception, it uses a corm-like structure with fleshy roots. It is cute yet refined Iris that also has distinctive foliage that really does look like corn. When I planted these I had read that they like a rocky hillside in their native Central Asia. I planted them in a rocky, sandy fairly inhospitable place. I knew I was taking a chance with an expensive plant (about $2 per corm) but it worked out fine. They really haven’t spread much actually I think I have lost some of the original but they are always there in the early spring, with enough flowers to make it worthwhile. The long-lived flowers are wonderfully fragrant and a cheery color. This Iris grows well in the rock garden and can be used in containers. They are Hardy to USDA Zone 4 and possibly 3.

I am going on a couple of appointments today to look at some work. Even though I am a little behind in my normal chores you have to keep looking forward. I am going to go and try and get a few pictures after that.

I updated my Santa Fe albums at my other site. I got about 10 new pictures as well as a bunch from other trips to the area. This is the Cross of the Martyrs in Fort Marcy Park.

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