Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mystery Vine

Maybe somebody can help identify this flower. I took this picture on the Key West, Florida garden tour. It was growing on a fence and looked like a vigorous vine. The color was superb and it had some nice details on close inspection. If nobody knows it I will post it over on the UBC Plant Forums, as I haven’t seen one that stumped them yet.

I am back from Santa Fe and will again, hopefully, be updating this site on a regular basis. The celebration of my Mother’s life was both a great party and a bittersweet sad affair. We had a circle of sharing where everyone spoke of memories and impressions and right in the middle of it a flower delivery came. It was the most beautiful white Roses and purple Iris. While it was probably just good timing, to me it symbolized her joining us.

Santa Fe is a place I have visited many times. Not only did my Mother live there but my sister and her husband own the Hypnotherapy Academy. I had never been there this time of the year, however. I am always amazed at the beautiful gardens that people make in such a desert place. There were a lot of flowering trees that I had never noticed, particularly Crabapple, Ornamental Pear and Thundercloud Plum.


Renee´ said...

Regarding April 24, 2007 I beleive it is a Butterfly Pea Flower from Malaysia clitorea Tematea

Hope that is correct, Renee Vargas

Diane Dehler said...

Another lovely and informative discussion.

Unknown said...


this is a very common flower found in India particularly my state maharashtra it also comes in White one we use it to worship god Shiva.

Not very sure about the botanical name but we call it Gokarna.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! This butterfly pea, blue pea, blue vine, or pigeon wings (scientific name: Clitoria ternatea L.) is very common in Thailand, called "un chan" in Thai. We use the flowers for food coloration. It has 3 colors variation, blue (most common), white, and violet.