Friday, August 03, 2007

Chihuly Glass at Fairchild Gardens, Miami

Chihuly Glass at Fairchild Gardens, Miami

Since I stayed out late last night here are some archive Chihuly Glass shots from Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami. I have recently been going through my hard drives trying to get rid of some old pictures and came across these two. The first one is from the 2007 exhibit and the second one is from 2006.

I went to the Foreigner concert last night. It was great. Even though it isn’t my favorite band they really put on a good show. I got a couple of pictures. The first two are Mick Jones the lead guitarist and songwriter. The other one is Kelly Hansen the lead singer with Jason Bonham (drums, his dad was in Led Zeppelin) and Jeff Jacobs. They played a lot of the ‘hits’ and a couple I didn’t recognize. Somehow I had bought front row, dead center tickets. I was sitting next to the mayor and his wife.

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