Thursday, August 23, 2007

Modern Shrub Rose 'Golden Wings'

Modern Shrub Rose 'Golden Wings'

Back to the roses again. This was a really pretty Shrub Rose. Even though it only has 5 petals, which I think makes it a single rose. A single rose, by definition has a petal count of 5 to 12 and the flowers often close during the night time hours. This rose was bred in 1956 by Roy E. Shepard. He was an outstanding rose historian and authored the book, The History of the Rose.

Golden Wings has a nice strong fragrance and since I photographed it last weekend a propensity to re-bloom. Like many Shrub Roses it can tolerate a little shade.

Seed: Soeur Thérèse
Pollen: R. spinosissima altaica x Ormiston Roy


Ali said...

Beautiful again. I particularly like the lighting, it has an effect of making it seem like the flower is being shielded, hidden as if to savour it like a secret.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks, Ali. This flower shows that sometimes the older roses are nice too. It is simple but effective.