Sunday, January 27, 2008



I am not of the species of this Acacia tree but it was a beauty and quite a shock to see in full bloom in the Bronx. I thought at the time I snapped this picture last week that it would be easy to figure which Acacia it was but it turns out there are 1300 plus species to choose from. I did learn that most are native to Australia but there are 300 or 400 that are native to the warmer areas of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

It used to bother me if I took a picture and didn’t know exactly what the plant was. It still does but not as much. I figure that soon or later someone will tell what it is or I will see it again in person or a book where it is marked. With this picture at least I know the genus and that will make identification a lot easier. I constantly finding out about new plants and that is one thing I love about the Botanical World, there is always room to explore and meet some new citizens.

There seems to be some milder temperatures headed this way for next week and that sounds great. Anything I can get done in the garden now will be less work in the spring.

Does anyone want to see Azalea season more than me? Probably not! This is one of the collection of late blooming Dwarf Japanese Azaleas at the Estate. They start blooming in June and end in August. I will take any blooming Azalea at this point.

Sorry that I have to keep on putting the 'short' feed on this site. They are people that are using it without any links or acknowledgement. So we are back to the short feed for awhile.


kate said...

I loved the Azalea picture - sorry to hear about the need for the short feed. I had to do the same awhile back, but I've now changed it back.

Julia Erickson said...

I love your blog and your pictures are gorgeous. I just put a link to your blog on:

I noticed that you might have tried to put a link to my blog under your list of "other gardening blogs I like." I'm flattered, but I think it's linked to someone else's blog.


-Heirloom Gardener

Unknown said...

I'm with you on azaleas AND acacias...I especially like the deciduous azaleas for our sometimes-cranky climate. This year I MUST get the royal Japanese azalea, if only for its fall foliage colour.

Oswegan said...

None of your photos would load for me today :-(

Be back tomorrow.

i beati said...

I'm so overwhelmed flowers my thing and these superb