Friday, January 04, 2008

Giant Hornbill

Giant Hornbill
Buceros bicornis
Synonyms: Great Indian Hornbill, Great Pied Hornbill

Another bird from the Bronx Zoo’s World of Birds. The Giant Hornbill is impressive at 130 centimeters and is beautifully colored. Their native range is Southwest India, the Himalayas to Southeast Asia and there is an isolated population on Sumatra. It is an important seed disperser that can consume seeds as large as an Avocado pit.

The current captive population is 70 individuals and they are under study for squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer that affects the hornbill’s bill (casque). There were a pair at the Bronx Zoo and this is the male of the species. The female looks similar but is smaller.

I haven’t been posting many flower pictures but hope to get some this weekend. Here is a picture of a Cosmos flower and a Syrphid Fly. Remember Syrphid Fly larvae are beneficial in the garden, consuming aphids.


Anonymous said...

Awesome bird! Such a sad state that there are only 70 left!

AVCr8teur said...

Wow, that is quite a big bird. I hope it is not endangered. So many signs in the zoo these days sadly lists which ones are on the endangered species list.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Well captured!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks, definitely a strange but beautiful bird.

Hi shooting star. I don't think I have seen you 'round here before. Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment.