Thursday, September 03, 2009

Early White Chrysanthemum

Early White Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum 'Messina'

The first Chrysanthemum of the season. On Tuesday we had to replace some of the annuals that had fizzled out and it was time to switch over to the fall flowers. Only a few types of mums were showing color so I got six 12 inch pots of mums, some Asters and a few Coneflowers that were just starting to bloom. In some ways it is fitting to be posting a mum flower as the weather has seemed to take a turn towards autumn. It was pretty much the year of no summer in my book. The mums did look nice in the afternoon sun and there was a hint of that fresh crispness you get in the fall air.

Do the pictures on this site look any different? After much agony I decided to change my monitor. I have upgraded to a Samsung 2333Hd HDTV. It is a pretty amazing screen. I am still getting used to the colors but the difference in brightness and having all that real estate is great. There hasn’t been time to hook up the TV part but there is a cable connection right under my desk. Maybe over this upcoming long weekend I can check it out. The last thing I need is a TV on my desk :lol:

Since my Apple Quicksilver runs really slow with the D700 files I have started using my 15 inch Macbook Pro with a Bookendz Docking Station. The dock was half price at MacMall and it has turned into a good buy. I like not having to remove all the cables when the computer gets taken to work.

The Macbook Pro, which has 4GB of ram and a 250GB hard drive, is really nice compared to my old computer. The old computer could only run Tiger (MAC OS 10.4.1). A lot of software and things are only being written for 10.4.8 so it made sense to use the Macbook as the main computer. Changing computer systems is usually a nightmare but this hasn’t gone too badly. It is a stopgap until spring when I am going to try and get a new Imac.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I don't have that discriminating of an eye...the photos look good to me. I know when I got a new monitor the world got a bit wider (which was nice!!) My sister has an Ibook and loves it....I am a PC gal myself, so all your info on the MAC stuff is Greek to me.

RA said...

Congrats for being Blog of The Month at my friend Amanda's blog MooreBlogLife. Wonderful shots of flowers! Have a great day :)