Friday, December 11, 2009

Sedona Snapshots

Sedona Snapshots

All of the pics in this post are from the Coolpix P6000. The camera did well for its first serious outing. It sure is nice to have a little camera that has a wide lens. The yellow Snapdragons were probably the brightest looking flowers we saw in Sedona. There was much more dry/frozen type of plant material than flowers. This next picture was an interesting seed head I found along Oak Creek. It was nice and bristly. The color is almost perfect for Sedona it fits right in.

Here are some more dry leaves from along the creek. It was fun and a little noisy to walk through them. There are several species of leaves and it was a little weird that there was hardly any color among them.

This picture was taken at the Sedona Airport at sunset. That is West Sedona in the foreground. One thing that is nice about the little camera is you can take a picture like this and then focus on a subject that is one inch away if you like. About ten minutes after snapping this photo it was dark.

Tomorrow I hope to go through some of the snapshots from the D700 and post them. Have a nice weekend.


penny said...

Your photo a Sedona Airport is incredible, what a magnificent view.

Misti said...

Loving that last shot! Beautiful!

Les said...

I have enjoyed the last two posts and their pictures. Now I have somewhere else I need to go.

Carletta said...

The flowers and leaves are wonderful but WOW - that last shot!

SandyCarlson said...

That last one has me in awe. What a gorgeous vie. I just keep taking in the colors, light, texture. What an experience.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Les, I would recommend Sedona for a vacation. It is pretty amazing. Bundle up if you are going in the winter the climate is similar to Connecticut. Karen must of said a dozen times that she wants to return there. I guess that means I am going to be going again :lol: