Friday, December 31, 2010

Rainbow Orchid

Rainbow Orchid
Vanda Crownfox Sky 'Blue Lace'

Happy New Year to everyone. Personally I am happy to see 2010 move off into the shadows of time and am looking forward to 2011. Today’s flower is one of my favorite groups of Orchids. They are one of the five horticulturally significant orchid genera even though it is a small genus of 50 species. They are continually being used for breeding because of the large and showy flowers. For me it is the colors of the Vandas that are attractive, you just don’t get that blue/purple color elsewhere.

The strap leaved types are easy to grow indoors. They like it warm with filtered to strong light. Good drainage and good air circulation are also necessary. They bloom every couple of months with each of the flowers lasting a couple of weeks.


Les said...

Happy new year to you as well.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Happy New Year to you Chris. Love the orchid. This is not one of the ones I bought this fall, I do like the bloom, very pretty.

Talibra said...

Piękna orchidea.
Happy New Year!

Becky Jane said...

Blue is my most favorite color of flower! I have a blue themed flowerbed these would look so beautiful in...too bad I live in the cold. :o(

Happy New Year to you too!
Becky Jane

Enrique said...

Beautiful Rainbow Orchid to fire the year 2010 and receive the 2011 colorful
That you have a Happy New Year.
Happy 2011

Christine said...

It's nice to leave one year behind and welcome a new one in with such a beautifully colored bloom. Happy New Year, Chris.

Not So Simply Single said...

This is my favorite....wowie!