Friday, December 10, 2010

White Dogwood

White Dogwood
Cornus florida
(KOR-nus) (FLOR-ih-duh)

This picture is from the spring and is probably my favorite flowering tree. It is native to our area and has the bonus of nice fall color and brilliant red berries for later in the season. Dogwoods are a graceful addition to the garden but do suffer from some cultural problems. This last season was kind of the antithesis of good conditions for growing Dogwood. They don’t like it hot and dry but seemed to tolerate the weather and from the specimens I have observed this fall have a great crop of buds for next year. I am not sure how the black background came out but this was shot during the middle of the morning.

Tonight is the Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden. I am quite excited about seeing some of the 10 Top 40 bands that will be performing.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...


Check out my blog Tuesday-- getting back to the tree posts, this week's tree is the dogwood.

Lui said...

This is simply gorgeous! I also love the Alpine on the new post!