Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hawaiian Mini Impatiens

Hawaiian Mini Impatiens
Impatiens walleriana
Synonym: Busy Lizzy
(im-PAY-shuns) (wall-er-ee-AH-nuh)

This Mini Impatiens was growing inside a greenhouse and they looked great. I had never heard of them before but would like to try them in the garden. They probably won’t be available at my local garden centers and I don’t have the capacity to grow them from seed but I will be watching for them.

Impatiens are a godsend for the shade garden only requiring moisture to grow and flower all season. We have been taking some inside the last couple of years and they do okay inside the greenhouse. If they start to look a little ratty cutting them back and fertilizing seems to help out. The tops can also be rooted for new plants.

This photo was shot with Karen’s new 35-70mm/2.8 lens. It was bought used (not in production any more) in mint condition.


Tomoko said...

Your impatiense is very lovely! I like it very much. Great shot!I am a non native speaker of English ,and a quite beginner photographer. I love nature, flowers , birds,and playing the piano. Thank you for visiting Green Tomato.

Honey at 2805 said...

Lovely shot. All of your photographs are so beautiful! I have happily just become a follower!

lotusleaf said...

I have quite a few growing and flowering in shady nooks. But sometimes, they all fold up and die. Perhaps it is due to the heat and overwatering.

SandyCarlson said...

They are a godsend in my book, too--they survive me! Beautiful shot.

Unknown said...

The flower pics are awesome! Great job