Sunday, February 06, 2011

Today's Flower - Fall Aster


Greetings from Paradise. I haven’t had time to develop (:lol:) any shots from the tropical flowers we have been seeing so here are a couple from the fall. This Aster must be happy since it has returned and flowered for the last 10 years despite the fact the rest of the garden has been encroaching on it. It really should be moved but I don’t want to mess it up. It has a delicate kind of blue/purple color and doesn’t get too tall.

Our little compound (and I do mean little) in Key West has some interesting trees planted in it. There is a Ficus looking tree that is really big that has peeling, suntanned bark, which is reminiscent of our Paper Bark Maple at home. There is also a Schefflera tree with its big green, glossy foliage, a Plumeria and several nice types of Palm Trees. It was around 80 degrees (F) here yesterday.

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Here is the bonus flower for Sunday. It is a good all around perennial that is one of the last to bloom in our fall gardens.

Montauk Daisy
Nipponanthemum nipponicum
(nip-pon-AN-the-mum) (nip-PON-ih-kum)
Synonyms: Nippon Daisy, Leucanthemum nipponicum

There is a little problem with our Internet and I guess I am real spoiled at home with a fast cable connection. I will try and get this posted and visit a few Today’s Flowers participants.


Unknown said...

they're simply beautiful!

msdewberry said...

These are beautiful. The aster originally reminded me of daisies with a lavender blush, but smaller!
Love your daisy too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!!
Thank you for sharing!! said...

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