Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hosta plantaginea 'Honey Bells’
(HOSS-tuh) (plan-tuh-JIN-ee-uh)

I had almost given up growing Hosta because of the deer. It seems every other animal likes to eat the foliage too. I even saw one of the dogs at work chewing on a couple of the leaves. Now I have moved most of the Hostas to areas that the deer can’t get into and they seem to be thriving. This particular Hosta is outstanding because of its fragrance. It has a nice habit; it doesn’t seem to get to large. I would put in the medium sized grower category. The clear white flowers are abundantly produced in late August. One thing I am not doing is dividing any more Hosta unless they really, really need it. I keep getting more and more plants and soon there doesn’t seem to be any place put them. Even though it is Sunday I have a couple of work appointments and I have to get busy with that work.

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