Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One thing I like about macro garden photography is it sometimes presents a look at something that I might have not noticed before. I have been growing Butterfly Bush for many years and have one garden that has hundreds of seedlings and never once had I noticed the buds looked like this. I mean the buds have a nice appearance from afar but I had never taken the time to look at them closely. Gardening is still full of surprises for me and I have been at it for a while now.

Buddleia is easy to grow and always pops into my head first when a customer wants a butterfly garden. There are several dwarf varieties that are good for small space gardeners. These tend to have a slightly more uniform look. The ‘Nanho’ cultivars are nice but still grow fairly large. There seems to be more and more cultivars as the years go by. I think the white flowered ones combined with a few of the dark red or purple looks good. There is not too much fuss when growing Buddleia, which is also know as the Summer Lilac. It adds a wonderful show of color on arching branches in the late season garden.

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