Saturday, May 09, 2009

Golden Bleeding Heart

Golden Bleeding Heart
Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart'
(dy-SEN-truh) (speck-TAB-ih-liss)

This plant keeps popping up in gardens that I have visited. It seems to be getting more and more popular. I just started cultivating one plant last summer and it made through the winter and looks good this spring. The leaves are more chartreuse than anything else and maybe that is from the shade. Most of the other specimens out and about seem to have the same color. Just to see if this is the true color I want to get one and plant it more sun.

Bleeding Hearts have been around a long time and are a garden classic. Whenever this plant is happy it truly takes off and can get quite large for a perennial. It often goes dormant by mid-summer but there are types now that can make through the heat (‘King of Hearts’ is one). Be careful when digging around Bleeding Heart roots, they don’t like it.

These two pictures show the combination of the foliage and flowers.

On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger and photography enthusiast Sara Chapman. Her brother David and his wife Shree also joined us. We went to two gardens in Greenwich. One that I am working on and another that a friend owns. Even the though the weather was dicey we had a good time. Both gardens were nearly at peak and there was lots of stuff to see. Too bad I could only eke out a few hours to go garden touring but even that was tough to do.


Indrani said...

I love the first shot... the train of hearts from one end to other.

joey said...

A favorite, Chris. Mine is blooming now and stunning!

WiseAcre said...

I can see adding it to a spot in the garden for a bit of contrasting foliage. (if only fleeting)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the comments. WA it lasts pretty well depending on the conditions and watering.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Why are they called golden bleeding hearts when they're pink?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

2sweet they are called golden because of the foliage. On the regular Bleeding Heart the foliage is bluish-green colored.

Michael@ collage frame said...

The first picture at the top is gorgeous, very nicely done, great shots.