Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japanese Primrose

Japanese Primrose
Primula japonica 'Miller's Crimson'
(PRIM-yew-luh) (juh-PON-ih-kuh)

This is a few of the thousands of Primroses blooming at work right now. They have had an exceptional year. It all started from a dozen plants of ‘Miller’s Crimson’. They have been seeding themselves and with a little help from me colonizing new areas. It was all part of a plan to use Primrose, Forget-me-not and Black-eyed Susans as groundcover to cut down the amount of mulch we have to spread. The results have surpassed my wildest dreams.

This plant is usually a biennial so the originals are long gone but sometimes the plants seem to last a couple of years. They get to about 16 to 24 inches tall and have a nicely textured leaf. Primroses like their moisture and do better in moist areas.

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