Saturday, May 02, 2009

Over wintered Pansies

Over wintered Pansies

These are few of the Pansies that over wintered for us. They have just gone crazy and have grown twice as big as the new Pansies. The weather has been conducive to Pansy culture. When something unexpected but good happens in the garden it is wonderful. More times than not we would have ripped these out at the end of the season last year.

It’s raining again. We need the rain but it doesn’t make work any easier. I am after a lot of different plants for different gardens so I will be visiting a lot of nurseries today.


Philadelphia Wedding Photography said...
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misti said...

Wow, someone got weddings from pansies??? must be spam!

Pansies only last a short time here, then they wilt and die.

Les said...

Down here, we plant them in the fall and typically they bloom through all but the worst winter weather, and in spring they really show. As soon as the oppresive heat gets here around June they melt.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Been getting some spam comments here lately :(

Pansies have a much better chance this far north. Sometimes the season is perfect and other times they just don't do well.


you are lucky to able to grow them over the winter. We have about 2 in 10 chance that they will make it.