Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ruby Rhododendron

Ruby F. Bowman

This Rhododendron had an interesting color. It wasn’t red and it wasn’t pink and not lavender either. It was one of the few Rhodos that was blooming at Planting Fields last weekend. So far the Rhododendron season has been less than impressive. They seem a little late and the ones that are blooming don’t have that vibrancy or vigor they usually do.

‘Ruby F. Bowman’ is a hardy (down to 0 degrees F) early to mid season bloomer. It is a vigorous grower.

Since somebody asked to see some coral Azaleas here you go. This one wasn’t named. Contrary to what I said about the Rhododendrons the Azaleas have been having a stellar season. I have seen a lot of truly beautiful ones this year.


maryt/theteach said...

Digital Flower, two exquisite photos! I've never seen coral azaelas! Thanks for commenting at my blog! :)

i beati said...

splendid do you see wild azalea- honeysuckle i yearn for from my native Wva..sandy

T and S said...

Both the images are beautiful, lovely flowers.