Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interesting Orchid

Interesting Orchid
Encyclia baculus
Today’s Flower

Not sure if this is a rare flower but it was one I certainly had not seen before. This first picture was taken when I walked through the Orchid part of the greenhouse at Planting Fields the first time. It is from the D70s with the 105mm VR lens. The greenhouse is nice since you have to walk through the Orchids to get to the Cactus/Succulent/Arid room. Since there is no exit in the dry area you have to walk back through the Orchid collection to get into the main part of the greenhouse. I used that opportunity to take the second picture with the D700 with the 60mm lens. They came out pretty much the same.

It is rarely that a plant stumps Google but this is one that only had a few vague references. Google search only yielded six results. None of which was particularly great. From this book, it is actually called The Orchid Book, Edited by J. Cullen, I learned the genus Encyclia has about 150 species and is native to Central and South America. They were formerly in the genus Epidendrum and have the same cultural requirements as that genus of Orchids. So even though there wasn’t much info on this flower it was great and interesting to see. It definitely reminded me of a Cobra.

This is a picture of an Exbury Azalea about to bloom.

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maryt/theteach said...

A beautiful orchid! I must get out to Planting Fields. I've never been there. I probably live about 40 minutes by car from there. :)

Pacey said...

I think I've seen that orchid before, Philippines grow a lot of orchids, lots of different types. Only am not sure what it's called. So beautiful and exotic looking.

Chriss said...

These are amazing photos. Have a wonderful week.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I found some more information on this orchid. It helps if you spell the name right in the search box :)

fishing guy said...

DFP: That Orchid is just lovely and you captured it so well with the neat macro.

Blue said...

Beautiful orchid!

Greyscale Territory said...

These are both beautiful photos! But the last one really intrigues me! I have never seen an azalea like that!

Misti said...

Right when I first saw the orchid I thought it was some rare form of Encyclia cochleata. Very cool looking orchid!

Arija said...

Beautiful flower shots all of them, as always.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Wonderful flowers.
Marvelous post for TODAY´S FLOWERS.
I saw in your blog a lot of flowers, then I thought you can became Guest Friend!
Look the rules at TF page and agree!
I would like so much!


Denise said...

Fabulous! Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful flowers.