Monday, June 15, 2009

Peach Trailing Verbena

Trailing Verbena
Verbena 'Lanai Peach'

This Verbena has been a big hit this year. The color is special and there isn’t really another annual that has this particular shading. It fits the interior color scapes of a lot of ‘our’ houses so it nice to bring those colors out to the garden.

The Lanai Series has done well for us in previous years. I think we have used the red, purple, bright pink and burgundy ones. It has always been a showy free flowering plant that didn’t have any problems. Definitely on my annual recommend list. It does well as a bedding plant and in containers.


fishing guy said...

Mary Beth: Those Verbena are great flowers.

Sara Chapman said...

I found this peach verbena last year and loved it, this year I don't see it. A very unusual color in annuals, I agree. Combines well with so many other colors.

Chris, do you know Ismene Festalis? I planted some bulbs and they came up, and I took a great photo, worthy of your camera and skills. Come look!

Indrani said...

Such soft colors!
They are beautiful.