Saturday, June 27, 2009

Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris
Iris ensataActivity
(EYE-ris) (en-SA-tuh)

The Japanese Iris are blooming. Well they are trying to bloom. There was a really nice dark purple Japanese Iris blooming at work and by the time I got around to taking a picture of it is was getting totally beat up by the rain. I doubt I could’ve captured the richness and vividness of the electric purple color of the flowers even if the weather had been nice. The day before the sun was hitting it and it looked kind of blue, purple and black.

We had a huge line of thunderstorms move through yesterday afternoon. It affected other parts of Connecticut worse than my area in the southwest. I have all the locations of the various gardens I tend to on basically street level radar. If you use and go to your local area and then the weather in motion link to zoom to US addresses for the radar. So as the storms progressed I could see what was happening at each house.

There was this light pink Japanese Iris blooming at work. It really had the subtlest shadings of color. Its flowers were smaller than the dark purple Iris but still good sized.

The first Japanese Iris picture posted is the cultivar “Activity’. It was blooming at the nursery when I was picking up the Daylilies. I would have bought it but it had actually already almost totally flowered so I couldn’t justify the price. The purple veining on the flower always gets me. It grows to about 30 inches tall.

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Misti said...

I didn't realize that you could do street level radar! Wow, the Weather Channel is coming up in the world. I wonder if they can use that when the hurricanes can see my roof blow off! hah!

i beati said...

i have them only in yellow and white sandy

OldLady said...

Nepal flower...I like, so cute.
Thank you for sharing.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

hi misti, that is kind of funny but not if it really happens. You could probably use it for the numerous thundershowers you get too.

sandy, thanks for keeping my comments section alive.

OldLady, your welcome. I have fun sharing 'my' flowers with everyone.