Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rieger Begonia

Rieger Begonia
Begonia x hiemalis
(be-GON-yuh) (hy-EH-may-liss)

Rieger Begonias are a little finicky to have in the garden but they often make great houseplants. I took this picture while picking up some plants at Ace Begonias. There was a whole greenhouse devoted to Begonias and it was a very colorful tapestry. This flower was probably the most different as the shades of flower color was leaning towards orange and yellows on most of the other plants.

When Otto Rieger developed a hybrid between wax and tuberous Begonias the Rieger Begonia was born. A few things I have learned about growing these Begonias; don’t over water and if the plants are outside they need pretty much full shade (some indirect light is okay). You also have to watch for pest and diseases. They really don’t like the summer heat and are best with about 70 deg. F days and cool nights. They are a popular winter annual in the right climate.

Here is a link to a Michigan State University on how to care for a Rieger Begonia as a houseplant.


i beati said...

so soft and inviting Sandy

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks Sandy.

Trisha said...

These are so pretty. I just picked one up today without a tag. Your care tips (and michigan link) are really helpful, Thank You!!!