Monday, June 21, 2010

Austin Rose 'Buttercup'

Austin Rose
Rosa 'Buttercup'
Synonyms: AUSband, Buttercup 98
Bred by David Austin, UK, 1998
Parentage: Graham Thomas × Undisclosed

This rose picture was captured at the NYBG rose Garden so I don’t have any personal experience growing it. It is truly a beautiful rose and if I were to see it at the nursery it would probably end up in my cart. It figures that one of its parents is the great yellow Austin Rose ‘Graham Thomas’, which was featured on this site a couple of weeks ago.

This coming week should be fun. Even though it is a little hot out we have a big transplanting job. Just have to add a lot of water, I guess. The plants have to move for some construction and after that is done there will be a new little garden to build. On Thursday we are headed for Cleveland for an old friend’s wedding. They don’t have a photographer so I will be taking a lot of pictures.


chasity said...

a very lovely rose....
yellow is always my favorite

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes, I will be posting a yellow rose tomorrow very very special! Luvly!

Greenbucks said...

I got a flower too :)

Jon Storey said...

This is a beautiful rose, David Austin has bred so many wonderful roses.