Thursday, June 10, 2010


Chrysogonum virginianum
(kris-OG-oh-num) (vir-jin-ee-AN-um)
Synonyms: Green and Gold, Chrysogonum australe

Finally got a picture of this great little groundcover. The patch I had at the Estate died out but another house I was tending to had a couple of areas where it was growing. Luckily the P6000 camera accompanied me to work. Bringing the compact camera is just a whole lot easier at work than the DSLR. So far the little camera seems pretty rugged only sustaining a small scuff on the LCD screen.

Chrysogonum likes to grow in moist partial shade but seems adaptable to other conditions. These plants were growing in between some big stepping stones in full sun and seemed happy. It is native to Pennsylvania to Ohio and south to Mississippi and Florida. As a bonus the deer don’t seem to bother it.

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