Monday, June 28, 2010

Tetraploid Daylily

Tetraploid Daylily
Hemerocallis 'Drums Along The Mohawk'

This is another Daylily from the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I liked the intense color and how it stood out among the sea of green foliage surrounding it. It is a Tetraploid Daylily, which generally means it has larger flowers, more intense color and sturdier scapes than diploid Daylilies. There is a more scientific definition to Tetraploid Daylilies than that but basically it has extra chromosomes in each cell and that enhances the flower.

This next shot was at the Cleveland Zoo and I had never seen Flamingoes bunched up like this and I have never noticed their pink feet before either.

Phoenicopterus roseus

Like yesterday both of these shots were taken with the D70s and 24mm Sigma lens. It is a nice combination.

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stan said...

I've been really up close to flamingoes in S USA. They are really surreal creatures!