Saturday, July 10, 2010

Benchmark Daylily

Hemerocallis 'Benchmark'

I had forgotten that the Nikon P6000 had accompanied me down to the NYBG to see the Daylilies so it was a bit of surprise when the card got plugged into the computer. It, as usual, captured some great photos with good color. It was a bit of a chore juggling three cameras now that I think back on it but luckily the P6000 is really small. This first photo is what is considered one of the first daylilies of its color having been introduced in 1980. The lighting appealed to me although the flower was fairly huge and the color was attractive but not as special as some of the daylilies blooming around it.

This next shot is just a partial capture of the Daylily collection. It continues on outside both sides of this picture. It appears to be loosely arranged by color but not entirely. There is a section that is shady and also a little added area that is disconnected from the main walk. Of course there are thousands of Daffodils under the Daylilies. They are all named and feature a nice variety of flowers and are a spectacle in the spring.


SandyCarlson said...

YOU captured a great shot here. That is just amazing. Or not--because amazing is pretty normal for you.

Andrea said...

That is a very beautiful sidewalk, and a very long one. An area in my house in the province looked similar though short length only, not tended but sprouted through time because just left on their own in the ground. Thanks for visiting my site.