Friday, July 02, 2010

Lavender Lady Flowering Banana

Flowering Banana
Musa ornata 'Lavender Lady'
(MEW-suh) (or-NAH-tuh)
Synonyms: Ornamental Banana

This Banana was growing at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and the flower color was striking. I love the way Bananas add a touch of tropical flair to our northern gardens. We have several at work but they grow in containers where these were planted in the ground. ‘Lavender Lady’ even looked like it was going to reward its cultivators with a crop of fruit.

There was no reference to this cultivar on Google and it is not too often that a plant stumps that search engine. Luckily I had taken a picture of the sign to properly id it. Like most Americans I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend.

These pictures were taken with the D700 and Nikon 105mm VR macro lens.

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Indrani said...

Beautiful captures, pin sharp and detailed.