Thursday, July 22, 2010



To go along with my intense desire to revisit Hawaii, which was especially tugging at my heart when I drove by the line of private jets lined up at Westchester County Airport, I decided to go through some photos from our last visit in February. This waterlily, while small in size, was filling up a little tabletop water garden. All it needed was a couple of miniature Koi to make it perfect. Not sure but think this picture is from The Sacred Garden of Maliko located in Makawao. It is a very cool place with lots of orchids and other plants and two big dogs.

Out behind the garden is a little river and despite the warning signs I went for a little hike amongst the colorful rocks in the stream bed. Hiking in Mountain Rivers can be dangerous but the riverbed was completely dry and the rocks looked interesting. While walking along I found this little blue marble. It looked a lot like the earth to me and I wish that I had used a little more concentration on getting the shot.

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Angel Gruev said...

Very, very beauty photos and flowers :)