Friday, July 09, 2010

Flame Vine

Flame Vine
Pyrostegia venusta
Synonym: Hua Pala

There was a post on this flower earlier in the year. This specimen was seen not in Hawaii like the other one but in a greenhouse in this area. On the picture of the bud I was practicing getting an out of focus background and it worked. The technical term is called ‘bokeh’ and the 105mm lens makes it pretty easy to obtain. The second shot is the flower in full bloom. You can see its orange color is amazing and the vine gets covered with them.

Yesterday I was complaining about the lack of rain around here. It was funny because when I got to work it started to rain. There wasn’t much, guessing about two tenths of an inch, but it was something and you could hear some of the plants uttering a sigh of relief at the moisture. We had to spend most of the morning watering anyway, especially the plants we had recently transplanted. Breaking the rules while gardening is something I have to do fairly regularly (like transplanting during hot weather) but it can definitely catch up with you and it did yesterday as a couple of plants that had been moved were really suffering.

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Rainforest Gardener said...

Lovely photo and thanks for the photography tip! I didn't know that was the name for the effect...