Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hosta Flowers

Hosta Flowers

It has been a while since the picture posted here was taken the day before. I had a quick run around the garden yesterday with the D70 and 24mm/1.8 Sigma lens and got this picture of an unidentified Hosta variety. Hostas usually doesn’t get to bloom in this garden because the deer and rabbits pretty much reduce it to a few stalks by the time it is suppose to bloom. They didn’t get his one this time as it is under the deck with a few leaves and flowers poking out. The flowers are nothing special on Hosta in IMO. There are a few fragrant varieties that are nice but for me it is all about the foliage.

In my low-key project to shoot pictures of a few NYC landmarks this summer here is the United Nations Building on the east side of Manhattan. Here is the story of the complex from Wikipedia.

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Kala said...

They are lovely flowers, but I agree with you about the foliage. Great ground cover.