Monday, November 14, 2011

Black and White Kiku Chrysanthemum

Kiku Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum ‘Usukurenai’


This flower was huge and a very soft pink color. After walking through the show in color I decided to take some quick snaps in monochrome. Since the sun was sun shining brightly into the greenhouse it offered enough contrast to get a few nice black and white flower pictures. I cannot imagine the dedication involved in growing these majestic flowers and have them all come into bloom for show time. They were pretty much perfect. While not as great as the Kiku shows of previous years I am glad the NYBG decided to have a Chrysanthemum show. I can still smell all of the flowers and they were obviously beautiful.

Since it is getting near winter now I have begun the process of culling a lot of photos for use here during the season. Some didn’t make it on this blog for different reasons and some files are being opened for the first time. There were two “rolls” of Orchid pictures that I hadn’t looked at when they were taken so there will be some nice Orchid photos here coming up in the next weeks.

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Scotkat said...

Looking forward to see your next amazing photos of your orchids.

The black and white photgraphy of chrysanthumn was stunning.