Monday, November 07, 2011

Cattleya Orchid


Cattleya Butterfly Wings ‘Orchidlibrary’


A nice colorful Orchid to start off the week. Some of the Orchids are starting to bloom and develop spikes at work. It seems the same plants bloom year after year and it is always a challenge to get some of the others to grace us with flowers. Since it is a general environment (not specialized for Orchids) we sometimes have to put up with what we get.

Like most Orchids the Cattleyas have been going through a bit of flux about the species and hybrids within their group. There are over 110 species of Cattleya and numerous natural and man made hybrids. Breeding has continued during the last several decades to produce many new spectacular Orchids.


Phillip said...

Beautiful - love the color.

digital anomaly said...

lovely shot, soooo colourful