Sunday, November 06, 2011

Daylily Seedling




This Daylily was blooming at my house on July 2nd. I know its bad but I want summer to come back already. We didn’t have much of a fall so that can come back too. Today is probably my last chance to get a fall foliage shot so I am going out to try. The leaves were just not very colorful this year. After the hurricane there weren’t too many leaves left to turn color and this last storm really took care of the rest of the color. The aftermath of both storms left inches deep piles of shredded leaves in the yard and on the roads. I hadn’t seen that kind of foliage damage ever (the tree damage is historical too).

In the Daylily seedling collection we planted here at the house two years ago I have started a rating system. 1 to 5 depending on the color, growth habit and length of bloom. This yellow doesn’t have a name (terrible way to go through life) but that didn’t stop it from looking good with a plethora of cheerful flowers and a good overall appearance. Rated a #4.

Since it is Sunday take a look at Today’s Flowers. It is a good assortment of flowers from all over the world. Bonus flower for Sunday is:

Bigleaf Ligularia

Ligularia dentata ‘Othello’

(lig-yoo-LAR-ee-uh) (den-TAY-tuh)

Synonyms: Leopard Plant

This is a variety of Ligularia and it seems to be a stronger and slightly larger growing plant compared to the species. The flower color is a little darker and more saturated. A true perennial Ligularia can grow in moist, shady areas that most plants don’t like. Planted in borders it requires a lot of water. It is not the most graceful plant but can be useful.


Francisca said...

Both your lovely flowers today are a beautiful deep orange yellow. I'm in the tropics, but if I were there, I'd be wishing for summer or a longer autumn too!

Arija said...

Your daylily Is a real winer with the markings on it's petals that make it stand out from pack.