Friday, November 11, 2011

Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cv.
(hi-BIS-kus) (RO-sa-sy-NEN-sis)

This Hibiscus was a star in the container garden this year. The flowers were literally glowing and it bloomed all summer. This one and the other Hibiscus didn’t grow very big but they did put on a colorful show. You can see even in bad light this flower had a great color. It was under planted with some New Guinea Impatiens and they seemed to work together nicely. We didn’t bother bringing any of this year’s Hibiscus into the conservatory this fall. There is already a huge one from a couple of years ago and it has started to suffer some acclimatization problems already. It’s going to be a long winter for that plant but it usually hangs on and pushes out some new growth and buds once outside in the spring.

Is anyone else happy it is Friday? It is a holiday here in the US but we will be working anyway. At least the traffic will be lighter with no school and a lot of businesses off.

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