Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kiku Chrysanthemum

Kiku Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum cv.


Another beauty from the Fall Flowers of Japan exhibit. They were lucky the event was staged primarily indoors this year. The snow and continued cold temperatures would have made being outdoors more challenging. The mums at work were totally flattened but were still showing a bit of color when the snow melted. Many sustained massive structural damage but still were hanging on.

Sorry to keep going on about the damage but last weekends freak snowstorm was a natural disaster on a scale we were not prepared for. Many towns are still completely out of power with estimates of the middle of next week as a turn on time. I have not personally had this much chain saw time in many years. A chainsaw is not really a gardening tool but has been this week. It’s hard not smell like that unique blend of gasoline, wood chips, exhaust and sweat at work. It brings back memories of being a logger in Vermont. I am still trying to make amends to the forest for all the trees I cut up there.


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Lovely picture.

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