Saturday, November 12, 2011

Harlequin Orchid

Harlequin Orchid

xDoritaenopsis Chian Xen Mammon


Imagine my surprise when this Orchid burst into bloom at work this week. The camera has not been accompanying to work lately but I was glad to have it to on Tuesday to shoot this beauty. This Orchid looks like a Phalaenopsis type to me, and some research indicating the taxonomy of these types are in a state of flux. They do go under the name Phalaenopsis but there are some subtle differences in the Doritaenopsis (Dtps.) types that are not really apparent without close inspection. The culturual conditions required are similar.

Whatever the name is/was I was basking in the glory of having two of these plants blooming after going through the Orchid collection this fall for clean up and propagation. Two other Orchids were blooming and will be posted here next week.

It was nice to kind of throw off the snowy weather and plant bulbs for most of the week. We had several stunning fall days during the week. There were 1,000 tulips and 500 daffs planted and quite a few minor types like crocus and alliums. The area was very rocky and the occasional big rock removal would yield a nice large hole for a good pocket of bulbs. Sometimes there was only enough room to tuck a couple of bulbs in. This should give a nice appearance in the spring with a hopefully natural look to the whole planting. Planting a lot of bulbs always causes a bit of anxiety and anticipation during the winter. Usually everything comes out beautifully especially after learning to evaluate the planting site’s winter drainage.


SandyCarlson said...

Your orchid is a warm break from the oddness of our weather. Thanks!

CameraCruise said...

What a beautiful orchid!

Keith said...

It's a gem of a bloom.
I could be wrong, but I thought that the main visual clue was that Doritaenopsis had branching flower stems, whereas Phals do not......