Sunday, November 27, 2011

Woolly Blue Violet

Woolly Blue Violet

Viola sororia

(vy-OH-la) (so-ROR-ee-uh)

Synonyms: Sister Violet, Viola papilionacea

This is a classic flower that can be invasive, which sometimes causes some ill will towards it. To me it is usually an asset, especially in deep shade. This black and white is from a nice strain that inhabits the walk to the tennis court. The markings and shadings are very nice and it doesn’t seem to reproduce too rapidly.

Viola sororia is a common wildflower that can be variable. Some distinguishing traits include heart shaped leaves, flowers and leaves are on separate stems that come from the roots, the flowers are held just above the leaves and the flower petals are not spurred. It is the state flower of four states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Rhode Island, and New Jersey). The flowers are edible as are the roots.

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Bonus picture for Sunday.




A black and white Daylily from the summer.

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NatureFootstep said...

beautiful and nicely treated bw shots of both flowers. :)