Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girard's Renee Michelle Azalea


Rhododendron 'Girard's Renee Michelle'


This azalea was photographed this spring. It was kind of by accident we ended up with ‘Renee Michelle’ in the garden. It just happened to be the best looking Azalea at the nursery at the time. We didn’t end up regretting that because it has been a nice addition to the Azalea collection. The color is cheerful and the compact growth habit is nice. Getting up to a final height of 36 inches it fits into it's smaller growing space nicely and has bloomed heavily during the two springs it has been in the ground.

Girard hybrids are a fairly new introduction. They have been especially bred to withstand northern temperatures. They come in a good range of colors and have some fall color. Leaf retention through the winter is better than most types of Azaleas.

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