Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Single Date Dahlia

Single Flowered Dahlia

Dahlia 'Happy Single Date'


This Dahlia performed well in the cutting garden this year. It always seemed to have some flowers whenever you looked at it. The flowers are relatively small by Dahlia standards but are nice enough to overlook that. The plant is also beautiful with lush dark foliage and dark stems. We also had ‘Happy Single Romeo’ in the garden and that dark red was a strong performer.

I am nursing a bit of a headache today for imbibing in several pints of Guinness at my friend’s gig last night. I had only planned on attending for a few songs but the night grew short before I knew it. The manager of a super big wholesale nursery that we buy a lot of stuff from was there. It was nice to see him socially and we had more in common than I would have guessed. He told me that today is a big sale and that he had to blow everything out of the nursery. A lot of pots are going to be $1 for perennials. That sounds good and I will probably take a ride down there. If I can’t use the plants at work I will just plant them in my meager garden.

This second photo would have been better if I was ready for the bee to fly but I wasn’t. It still came out pretty good by luck.