Sunday, December 04, 2011

Large Fothergilla

Large Fothergilla

Fothergilla major

(foth-er-GIL-la) (MAY-jor)

Synonyms: Witch Alder

This flowering shrub was photographed in the spring. If you look in the background the leaves were just starting to come out. Fothergilla is a nice plant to have in the garden especially some of the newer varieties. It gets to be a large shrub but slowly and is easy to manage. The flowers last a long time and are fragrant. The flowers do not have any petals and are considered bottlebrush types (a personal favorite). The Fothergilla flowers are tactile they have a nice rubbery feel to them. Not enough can be said for the fall color on this plant. It is an amazing shower of yellows, reds, oranges and even some purple. Truly an autumn beauty.

Since it is Sunday come join us at Today’s Flowers. Sunday means a bonus snapshot.

Just a nod to all the tulips we planted this fall. They seem to be having a good resurgence in people’s taste. This Peony flowered type is a couple of seasons old but still looked nice.


Carletta said...

What lovely shrub! I'll have to check and see if it's deer resistant. :)
Your tulips are gorgeous!

Karin M. said...

Wow ... I have never seen such flower. Your photos are great quality, fantastic ...
greetings Karin

Carver said...

Very interesting information and beautiful flowers.

Scotkat said...

Amazing so enjoying your flowers.

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