Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silver Vase Bromeliad

Urn Plant

Aechmea fasciata 'Primera'

(EK-mee-uh) (fash-ee-AY-tuh)

Synonyms: Silver Vase Bromeliad

Luckily the tag was still in this beauty when it decided to graciously burst into bloom. Since it is a popular cultivar it probably wouldn’t have been that hard to figure out but having the proof is nice. I am glad you can’t see me spending hours trying to identify the different flowers and plants on this blog. It is often an agonizing process but I am determined to try and not post any incorrect identifications. Back in the film days and when memory cards were really expensive I would write down the names in a little notebook, which was tedious and often confusing. Now I just take a picture of any tag or sign associated with the flower. I guess that is one way cheap technology has helped me.

Bromeliads aren’t my favorite plants but I do give them high marks for ease of care and being able to grow under low light conditions. I usually overwater mine but the soil should be allowed to dry a little between waterings and although my experience has been that he plants will live in water it is best not to leave them in standing water. Also the “urn’ needs to be flushed with fresh water regularly or drained.

There are over 250 species of Aechmea that are native to Mexico and South America. There is also eight subgenera. 'Primera' is bright and bold with its pink and purple flowers and silver splashed thornless leaves.

Since it is Sunday come join us at Today’s Flowers. Sorry blogger has been a real pain when I am posting links lately so here is a text link for Today’s Flowers: Sunday means a bonus snapshot. This Foxglove picture has been hanging around and I want it out of my pool folder so here it is.

Strawberry Foxglove

Digitalis x mertonensis

(dig-ee-TAH-liss) (mer-ton-EN-sis)

Synonyms: Merton's Foxglove


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